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I started off with humble beginnings: graduating from college without a job, while having bad credit and no money in hand. This may sound like some people you know. However, I had a burning desire to become a real estate investor.

Since it took me six months to find a job after graduating college, the thought of obtaining passive income and  not being tied down to a 9 to 5, while being able to give myself a raise whenever I wanted (by buying another rental property) was absolutely thrilling to me!

Once employed, I had only enough money to rent a room (not an apartment but a bedroom in someone else’s house, mind you) and to pay my monthly expenses. There wasn't enough money leftover for saving and there definitely wasn't enough money left over to pay off debt.

I knew I needed a miracle to change my situation and it happened: I found a 3 bedroom apartment for $850/mo. rent and provided temporary housing to international students.

I started a business and contracted with international student agencies to send me three students for $700 a piece while I slept on a futon in the livingroom. By creating a business, I was able to get my hands on additional monthly income (ching-ching) to pay off $23,000 worth of debt, in which $10,000 of it was delinquent debt from credit cards I stopped paying for months after graduating college.

After paying off all debt and hiring a credit repair company in 2009, I was able to qualify for my first investment property in 2010 using savings and borrowed funds from a friend. I was 26 years old at the time. I lived in one unit and rented out the other. Then, I bought a single family house using loans from my credit union.

In 2011, I saved up some money for a down payment for my next investment opportunity which took a year later. In 2012, I purchased a four unit and used my tax refund and savings to buy it. In 2013, I was appreciative of the incremental increases in buying real estate, but I desperately wanted to take a quantum leap in my portfolio by buying more.

I wanted to be able to quit my day job and lay hold of financial freedom.

In my core, I believed I could do more than what I was currently doing. As soon as my burning desire overcame my fear of taking action, I used business credit and hard money loans to increase my portfolio.

In 2013 alone, I raised $110,000 in business credit, $110,000 in hard money loans, and $224,800 in mortgages to obtain and additional 12 cashflowing rental units and 2 flips. I currently own and self-manage 21 units and have another 11 units under contract. In 2014, I achieved my dream of quitting my day job–just after 3 years of buying my first investment property in 2010. I reside in the New York City area as well as Atlanta, Ga.

After quitting my day job on my terms, I’ve consulted with many clients on how they can imitate my steps to achieve their financial dreams.

The purpose of this website was to broaden my reach in helping people take quantum leaps in their real estate investing career.

Please realize that it is possible for you to obtain cashflowing rental properties and make big profits from flips using little to no money out of your pocket–the 100% Financed way.

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