Diary of a Real Estate Entrepreneur – My Journey towards Financial Freedom – Episode 4

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For Real? I Guess I’m The Only One

Working for the government had its benefits. Two-week long vacations, a crazy amount of sick leaves, and a suitable retirement plan. And of course, I can’t ignore the customary, annual pay raise. Most people tolerate jobs they don’t like just for those benefits. Some even become handicapped by them as they are stuck. The fear of losing their job or being forced into a non-paid leave of absence leaves them crippled; it makes it worth putting all their efforts into a 9 to 5 job for the rest of their lives so they don’t lose it. However, there are no guarantees of that happening.

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Diary of a Real Estate Entrepreneur – My Journey towards Financial Freedom – Episode 3

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If  You Ain’t Talking Money, I Don’t Want To Talk

When I become an entrepreneur as well as an employee, I had two jobs to juggle. From 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening, not only did I have to perform my duties as an office employee in a satisfactory manner (just good enough to not get fired), I also had to complete some real estate investment work.

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Diary of a Real Estate Entrepreneur – My Journey towards Financial Freedom – Episode 2

Network Equals Net worth:

After being told by my governmental coordinator that I was better suited for the private sector, I was quick to draft my resignation letter (see ‘Greatest Advice I Ever Received’), yet wondered what was next.

I knew I had to learn more about real estate investment in order to become a real estate investor.  So I started reading books, watching YouTube videos, and listening to podcasts from the comfort of my own home.  We live in the information age, so all the knowledge I needed was readily available at the stroke of a finger.  I began to learn on my own; however, I wasn’t making much progress.  That is when I decided to start networking.

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Diary of a Real Estate Entrepreneur – My Journey towards Financial Freedom – Episode 1

The Greatest Advice I Have Ever Received:

When I was working for the government in NYC, my job entailed managing surveys as well as a huge team of people. Working as a supervisor, I thought my job was quite cool; I would delegate tasks, and assign my team members in the field to complete surveys. However, after reading ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, I started to get the feeling that there were bigger and better things out there for me. Basically, I had a passion for becoming a real estate investor, though I never paid much attention to it.

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Get Out of the Catch 22: Use Business Credit for Real Estate Investing

Do you find yourself in a Catch 22 concerning your real estate endeavors?

You want private money to close on real estate investing deals, but you need to close on real estate investing deals to attract private money. People who are just getting started in real estate investing have a hard time attracting private money, simply because private money lenders don’t want to invest in newbies because the loan is secured by a note and a deed of trust.

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Entrepreneurship: Practical Ways to Handle Financial Matters Like a Pro


As a first time entrepreneur, you may be wondering how to handle the financial matters of your business. You’re not alone; all entrepreneurs have dealt with issues of funding, debt, savings, spending, and paying yourself.

Starting a business without testing the market for your product or service, is taking the financial risk especially if you decide to fund your business with other people’s money. If you lose the business, the debt still has to be repaid. Instead of investing a large amount of cash why not consider using business credit cards.

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Talk May Be Cheap, But it Drives Sales

You may have heard the old saying, “talk is cheap, but it takes money to buy a farm.” In the business world, talk can be expensive regarding how it can help increase your sales and attract interest to your brand. So what does this really mean?

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How to Play the Entrepreneurship Game and Win

To win at being an entrepreneur, you have to be extremely confident. You must settle in your mind that no one around you is better than you, and it’s an equal playing field.

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Employee to Entrepreneur: Making the Switch Successfully

“If you want things to change your life, then you must change.”

Jim Rohn

You may be tired of the 9 to 5 and think deep down you’d make a really good real estate investor, but your day job pays the bills. How do you make the switch from employee to entrepreneur successfully? There has to be a shift in mindset and by taking hold of a few fundamental truths about entrepreneurship does that.

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How Being Socially Savvy Can Help Grow Your Business

Every which way you turn, someone is talking about social media. It’s the place where everyone engages, where we humans connect with like-minded individuals whether for business purposes or personal pleasure. Think of it as a tool that allows you the business owner the opportunity to influence people, not only in your local community but people throughout the world. Being socially savvy can help grow your business and here are three tips to help get you started:

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