We have 3 coaching programs available:

  1. The 100PF- Multifamily University: Focuses on Multifamily Investing.
  2. The 100PF- Wholesaling Academy: Focuses on Single Family Without Cash Or Credit.
  3. The 100PF – Flipping Academy:  Focuses on Making Big Profits off Flipping Single Family Homes.


All programs help you to duplicate Juan Pablo’s investment success.

Avoid uncertainty and investment hiccups with Pablo’s detailed instruction and guidance.

Enrollment for ALL of the 100PF- Coaching Programs is limited.

Only 10 seats available.

Apply now for free consultation to learn about the starting date for the next class.

Review our tentative Multifamily course syllabus:

100PF Multifamily University Curriculum

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Review our tentative Wholesaling course syllabus:

100PF Single Family Academy Curriculum

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We are registering students immediately!

Here’s what to expect:

100PF-U Coaching Programs  –  $3000

3-month coaching program

      – 1-on-1 sessions

      – 100PF Total eCourse ($199 value)

      – Credit Repair ($550 value)

      – Six – 2hr, biweekly group calls

      – Custom accountability spreadsheet that tracks your progress

      – Intimate class setting: maximum of 15 apprentices

      – A Day w/ Juan Pablo (breakfast-lunch-2 site visits)

      – Graduation Mixer & Certificate of Completion

If you’re interested in becoming financially free via mulitfamily or single family real estate investing; this is the program for you!

Join Our Coaching Program Now!

100PF-U Video Testimony 1: Business Credit and Real Estate 100PF-U Video Testimony 2: Business Credit and Real Estate


100 Percent Financed University


We provide one-on-one coaching in the following areas:

*Multifamily Real Estate Investing.

*Credit Repair and Business Credit.

*How to Fill Out and Leverage your Own Personal Financial Statement.

*How to Find, Analyze, Inspect and Manage a Multifamily Unit.

*How to be a Real Estate Investor AND Real Estate Entrepreneur.

*Creative Financing.

*Spend a Day with Juan Pablo: Site Visit, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Graduation Celebration!

*Analyze your financial situation & create an action plan to obtain your goals

*Detailed spreadsheet on Google Drive to keep you on track towards financial freedom.

*Learn real estate investing (wholesaling, flipping, buy and holding), how to repair your personal credit repair, how to start a credit repair business, how to sell a physical product online, etc firsthand with coach, so you can do deal.

*Have your coach help you analyze your deals, financial statements, and business.

Please apply now and receive your free ten minute phone consultation. Click the button below.

Benefits included in this package.

*One personal call every other week no additional cost.  The personal calls will be recorded for your benefit.

Please apply now and receive your free ten minute phone consultation!

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If you’re interested in moving forward with the coaching, $2,000 is due up front as a retainer.  After the first 30 days of coaching, $500 will be due to continue the coaching program.  After 60 days into the coaching program, your last payment of $500 will be due.  If you would like to extend the coaching for an additional three months, an additional fee of $500 per month will be charged.

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As soon as we receive your payment form, we will email you a shared spreadsheet and instructions to get started with the coaching.


Benefits included in this package:

*Scheduled teleconference calls throughout the year with Juan Pablo and guest speakers.

*Receive recorded group call

*Network with other members on call

*Learn real estate investing & business skills

*Have the group help analyze your deals

*Join our exclusive Facebook page for Q&A

To join this group coaching call and closed Facebook page indefinitely, all you have to do is purchase our ebook/audiobook package.

To get started, click ebooks.

First Homework Task:

After you purchase one of our ebook/audiobook packages, please review all of the eBooks and audiobooks before the first one-on-one or group call.

For those who sign up for the one-on-one coaching, you’ll receive an email including the coaching instructions as well as a link to a Google spreadsheet before we have our first coaching call.  The spreadsheet is used to track your progress, keep you accountable, provide you with homework assignments, analyze deals, and more.

To view a sample of the spreadsheet, click

One on One Coaching Spreadsheet sample.