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​Our coaches specialize in the following real estate strategies: Wholesaling & MultiFamily Investing.

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Juan and his team jumpstarted my investment business by repairing my credit in just 3 months.

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I was able to obtain a better FICO score, obtain business credit, and close on an investment property thanks to 100 Percent Financed. See my testimony here.

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I was able to obtain business funding for my business even though I thought I wouldn't qualify.  See my testimony here

Devin M.

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John Doe UI/UX Designer

Juan Pablo, The People's Mentor

I graduated college without a job, no money, & bad credit.  However,  I had a burning desire to become an investor.  Later as a 9-to-5'er, I maximized my spare time to make myself wealthy.  I not only improved my finances, I learned and practiced real estate.  Today, I'm a successful real estate investor and an online entrepreneur.  I now teach others how to duplicate my efforts and reach Financial Freedom too.