4 Strategic Moves to Getting Your First Contract – and many more…

You have the brains, talent and great idea to start your business. You even went as far as creating your product or service, and now you are gung-ho and ready to roll. But wait. Where are the customers and clients coming from? Somehow or somewhere along the way you forgot to factor them in. Well, you’re going to have to make some strategic marketing moves to gain your first contract.

Move One                                                                                                                     

The first things to do is get your business a website. It’s important to present a professional image that shows you are socially in-tune. Include background information on key team players. Spell out exactly what your company offers. Add links to blog posts, Facebook, podcasts or places that featured you, and post testimonials you received on your product or service.

Move Two                                                                                                                                                              

The second thing to do is to make a general list of people and businesses you know who may need, or have expressed interest in your product or service. Send out an email, or call, and make it known that you are in business and would like to give a free consultation. If your product or service doesn’t suit the people in your immediate network, ask for referrals and offer a referral fee. Your email should be reflective of your business name.

Move Three                                                                                                                                                          

The third thing to do is network by attending conferences geared toward your industry. Going business to business with samples and a price list is also an option. Follow up with a phone call and ask for their business.

At conferences, make casual conversation and hand out your business card or samples of your product. But be sure to get as many business cards as you can to add their names to your list. Once you have ample names, sign up for an email subscription service. You can also book yourself as a speaker at one of the conferences to be validated by your peers and to increase referral business.

Move Four                                                                                                                                                          

Since you are just starting out and don’t have enough reviews to entice new clients to bang down your door, you can offer starter services. This way you can discount your product or services with a limited time offer to prove your credibility.

Getting your first client and much more is based on how you market your product or service. And marketing doesn’t come without cost. Professional websites, marketing materials, product development and even travel, have its expenses. Business credit cards may be the solution to your marketing needs. The process is simple, and the cards can be converted to cash.

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