Partnership In Business


Defining a Partnership:

You may like the simplicity of a sole proprietorship as discussed last week, but what if you want to own a business with someone. Is there is another option? Yes, you can structure your business as a partnership. A partnership is when two or more people share in the ownership of a single business.

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Having a Product or Service and a Decision Can Put You in Business Today

Want to start a business quick, but don’t know how?

The easiest and most common business to start is a sole proprietorship. All that is needed is a product or a service and a decision to do business. Viola! You now own business. There aren’t any legal steps to take at the state or federal level.

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Newbies 5 Basic Principles to Understanding an LLC

What is an LLC? An LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. The main reason to set up an LLC is to have personal asset protection and the simplicity it offers by way of setup and applicable tax laws.

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The Importance of Good Credit

It amazed me to actually meet someone without a credit history, not a bad credit history, but no credit history; this person has always paid for everything in cash!

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7 Steps for Business Owners to Minimize Internal Conflicts

Successful business owners carry with them an “I can do” attitude, always believing in themselves and their potential. As a new startup, you may not have developed that kind of confidence yet. But in order to increase your business profitability and minimize internal conflicts implement the following:

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What You Don’t Know About Business Credit Can Hurt You

Once you’ve made the commitment to be a business owner, you’ll probably want to apply for credit to finance your expenses. There are four things that separate business credit cards from personal credit cards that you should be aware of.

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7 Key Things to Help You Succeed in Business

Business requires owners to be systematic in their thinking as well as in their doing in order to be truly successful. Consider implementing the following 7 things to increase your profitability in business. Read more

Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar

It only makes sense for entrepreneurs to focus on prospective customers just as much as on their product or service. It takes skill to find the right customer, sell to this customer and satisfy this customer’s need to the point this customer will want to buy from you again and again. The more you know who your ideal customer is, the better the chance of having your marketing efforts succeed.

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The Two Most Popular Game Plans For Getting Money

“Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Before we get into what the actual game plans are, let me set up a couple of scenarios to see which one you fit into, if any.

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Sales Alternative Method: 4 Techniques to Landing Customers

As a business owner, it’s important to develop a sales presentation to sell your product or services. When people tend to think about salespeople, the general idea evokes feelings of being pushed or manipulated to buy excessively. There is a negative connotation associated with sales, but it’s something we must do to generate income for our businesses. People, including you and I, want to make our own decisions and not end up feeling taken advantage of. And that’s where the sales alternative method comes in.

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