Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar

It only makes sense for entrepreneurs to focus on prospective customers just as much as on their product or service. It takes skill to find the right customer, sell to this customer and satisfy this customer’s need to the point this customer will want to buy from you again and again. The more you know who your ideal customer is, the better the chance of having your marketing efforts succeed.

Most business ventures are based on satisfying the customer, whether with a product or a service. One important key is to define who your ideal customer is and focus on marketing to them.

Why create the ideal customer avatar:

  • You create the ideal customer to have an image of who they are. This will help target your marketing efforts.

Things to consider when creating your ideal customer avatar:

  • Where do they dine
  • Where do they shop
  • Where do they live
  • What is their income bracket
  • Are they young
  • Are they older
  • Are they athletic or sedentary
  • Are they male, female, single, married
  • Are they a child
  • Anything else that will help define this person

The benefits of creating an avatar:

  • You learn more about your product or service and make it easier to get in front of the ideal customer to promote your product or service just by creating and studying your avatar.
  • It will help you create a better sales/ elevator pitch because you already understand how they think and what they want from your product or service.
  • It will help you qualify prospects and no longer waste time chasing after people who are not a good fit for your business.
  • It will help you identify your true brand. You will learn more about your product, service, industry, and brand.
  • You will be able to qualify prospects. By putting your time and effort into marketing to the right prospect, you will know who this person is to target marketing efforts to all based on the ideal image you created.

How to create the ideal customer avatar:

  • Give him or her a name, personalize and visualize this person.
  • Draw an image of this person.
  • Write down the qualities, characteristics, and attributes this person possesses.

How to qualify a prospect:

  • Compare the real person to the ideal customer avatar.

How to get their interest:

  • Show how you understand their problem and how you can solve it.

How to compel them to do business with you:

  • Provide a solution to their problem.

Most entrepreneurs aren’t really clear about their ideal customer. And because of this a lot of time and money is wasted on marketing and advertising to the wrong people, people who do not meet your ideal customer avatar.

You gain the skills to determine and prioritize your activities geared toward customers who are not only a good fit for your product or service, but who are also willing to shop with you time and time again is crucial to your business success.