The Entrepreneur Mindset: Do You Have One? Top 5 Characteristics To Acquire

The entrepreneur mindset, do you have one? People are rarely born as an entrepreneur. Research studies to tend favor the idea that being an entrepreneur is based on how a person thinks about and how they approach things. In other words, some characteristics can be learned to develop an entrepreneur mindset.

  1. Optimism-

Entrepreneurs are optimistic. Having a positive outlook while dealing with problematic situations encourages and expands creative thinking to come up with favorable solutions. This can be self-taught by simply repeating a set of affirmations daily to program your mind into believing the stated outcome.


Entrepreneurs are risk takers and are not afraid to make mistakes or face failure. They know that mistakes are a part of the learning experience. It’s an opportunity to get better and stronger at what they do, while failures can be the kick-start to a new and profitable venture. The key is to fail small, fast and cheap early on. Freud once said, “Anxiety is treating a stick as a dangerous snake, and fear is treating a dangerous snake as a dangerous snake.” Be able to differentiate fear from anxiety while making important decisions.

  1. Self-Starting-

Entrepreneurs are self-starters. They visualize their successes, and that makes them work hard and put in the time and effort to get the job done. They are productive people and understand that sacrifices must be made to achieve their goals. They are driven by their desires. Take time to meditate on your future and see yourself achieving your dreams.

  1. Forward Thinking-

Entrepreneurs are forward thinkers. They have a solid vision of what they want to achieve. They focus their attention on the future and do not dwell on the past- -the should of, would of, could of scenarios. They are open-minded and receptive to new ideas and challenge the conventional way of doing things. Start thinking outside the box.

  1. Self-Discipline-

Entrepreneurs are disciplined. Successful entrepreneurs know how vitally important it is to have rituals, regimens, and commitments in their business as well as their personal life. Having and commanding respect from others is a by-product of being disciplined, and it comes by being aware, decisive and taking action on a consistent basis. Be sure to always follow through on everything you commit too.

Being an entrepreneur takes more than starting a business. It takes hard work, funding, innovation, a positive outlook, a strong inner drive, and being totally committed, all of which can be acquired by purposefully implementing them in your daily life and business interactions.