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"Wholesaling with Magic Mike - Negotiations."
Hint: In this webinar, Magic Mike will teach you how to negotiate your wholesale deals.
Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018 3:00 PM
In this live webinar, you will discover
Discover the creative funding secrets I used to build my 48 Unit real estate portfolio
The 3 secrets to obtaining funding for your business in 21 days or less.

Hint: I was just approved $600,000 for my business
Learn the types of creative financing you can obtain and how to get it!

- Business Credit Cards
- Business Lines of Credit
- Real Money
** Bring The Following **
  •  Bring Pen, Paper, and a list of Questions
  •  Questions - will be answered anytime during the event for webinar guests
Meet Juan Pablo...
Holding a degree from UGA and a government job, Juan Pablo quit his day job in less than 5 years and since then Juan has purchased and managed over 48 rental units for more than six years receiving over $20,000/month in gross rent. Juan is a full-time real estate investor specializing in buy and hold strategies, using creative financing, property management, and rehabbing distressed properties.
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